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Sphere maintains IT infrastructure
so business can can maintain focus.


Sphere Managed Services shifts the way that business operates. Proactive and continuous management of client system resources plan, standardize, identify, correct, and protect the organization from all levels of threat and failure.

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Remote Monitoring

An integrated team of engineers and support professionals monitor networks, network assets, and physical infrastructure 24/7/365, alleviating the internal strain on client organizational resources.

BackUp & Disaster Recovery

Emergency and business contingency planning prevents loss of productivity during natural events, service outages, hardware failure, and cyber attacks. Proactive continuation planning allow client organizations to maintain a systematic level of preparedness.

Cloud Computing Services

Sphere offers cloud computing that lowers overall operating costs, increases infrastructure efficiencies, and allows for rapid deployment of scalable assets as business needs change.

VOIP & Mobile
Phone Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are the business standard for efficient, low-cost telecommunications that scale from micro to enterprise level organizations.  Mobile device integration and security provides seamless communications, conferencing, and messaging anywhere and at any time.

Active Patch Management

Sphere engineers and support professionals apply patches, which are system updates and fixes regularly and continuously deployed by software providers, to client systems.  Active patch management assures that every device within the organizational infrastructure is maintained to the most current standards of efficiency to prevent corruptions, breaches, and other software malfunctions.

WorkStation Optimization

Regularly scheduled hard drive capacity and memory review, file optimization, disk cleaning, system reboot, and hard drive reformatting assures the highest levels of workstation up-time, speed, and efficiency.

Network Administration

Through analysis, on-boarding procedures, and a platform of continuous improvement, Sphere network engineers maintain intimate familiarity with client infrastructure environments and overall business operations throughout the life of the relationship.  This familiarity allows Sphere to address IT needs proactively so that the infrastructure seamlessly scales as the business grows.

Business Productivity

Sphere guides clients through the evolution of technology to assist in planning, implementation, training, maintenance, and support for internal systems that may include integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems, Integrated Document Management (IDM) systems, proprietary client/industry business systems, and productivity suites from Microsoft (Office/Office 365, Exchange, Teams, SharePoint), Google G-Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and a wide range of other on-premise and cloud solutions.

Remote & On-Site Support

Sphere engineers and support technicians work 24/7/365 to assure that client issues, no matter where they occur, are resolved efficiently and rapidly through a system of remote and on-site support functionality. Industry leading support systems allow for the highest prevention and resolution efficiency in the industry.

Software Support & Hardware Maintenance

Sphere engineers and support technicians engage in active patch management to continuously improve client software environments and preserve the highest level of performance from client on-premise or cloud based hardware. Hardware is monitored for physical failures and life-cycle managed to prevent obsolescence.

Service Level Agreements

Sphere offers Service Level Agreements (SLA) tailored to meet the generalized and specific nuance needs of client organizations.  SLA monitoring and reporting technology is then employed to assure that client needs are being met at the highest level of efficiency on a proactive and continually improving basis.

Warranty Management

Integrated technology is deployed to manage the administration and fulfillment of the warranty service and repair of your systems.  Sphere Managed Services maintains your equipment under warranty protections during the warranty period and works through infrastructure management to budget and plan for component replacement at or within a client tolerance range of the end of the warranty period.

Lets start with a Sphere Managed Services Assessment

MS Assessment

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  • Working with Sphere Integrated Solutions we have total confidence there is nothing technical we can’t solve with the extra bonus of having a team that can help us make better decisions and move faster.

    Richard S. Technical Director
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