Sphere Integrated Solutions technology competencies are the backbone of client organizations.



Sphere Integrated Solutions is singularly focused on being a leading technology solutions provider for industry vertical markets that operate in a highly regulated environments and/or where there is a high level need for security and data integrity.

Sphere Integrated Solutions maintains enterprise level competencies in eight specific technology disciplines:

Cloud Services

Sphere Cloud Services encompasses and integrated set of client resources to plan, migrate, protect, and recover your critical infrastructure, applications and data with cloud migration services, cloud contingency planning, cloud security, and a security operations center that operates 24/7/365.

Managed Services

Sphere Managed Services shifts the way that business operates. Proactive and continuous management of client system resources plan, standardize, identify, correct, and protect the organization from all levels of threat and failure.


Sphere Security Services deploys cloud and physical security technologies to secure both Networks and Facilities including Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Access Control, Surveillance, Data Protection, Continuity Planning, and Cyber-Security Framework implementation. We protect your business inside and out 24/7/365.


Sphere Communications Services support internal and external telecommunications, messaging, and electronic communications that play a vital role in your daily workflows including VoIP systems integration, electronic mail servers, and integrated systems for collaboration so that all network infrastructure operates in harmony.

Technology Infrastructure

Sphere Infrastructure Services experts manage network assets to assure efficiency, compliance with the latest technology standards, and budget control through life-cycle management of your technology systems.

Technology Development

Sphere Technology Development Services will provide dedicated resources to development concepts. Whether your organization is looking to develop block-chain platforms, internal applications to leverage your IT systems, or looking for turn-key concept to market incubator services, Sphere will support your needs.

Enterprise Productivity

Sphere Productivity Services utilizes a robust and integrated technology platform to assist customers in strategy, development and implementation of advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer resource management (CRM) systems, and other productivity and workflow solutions.

Resource Conservation

Sphere Resource Conservation Services provide waste reduction and resource conservation planning to reduce operational inefficiencies and overall consumption through life-cycle management, cost assessments, waste reduction training for employees, and the removal, repurpose, and disposal of office and technology wastes through proper recycling and disposal centers.