Site Security

Sphere Security professionals have the singular goal of delivering security solutions to our clients that create a secure environment ensuring the safety and protection of all employees, contractors, and site visitors.

Video Surveillance

Sphere Security Video Surveillance options are customized to fit each client’s unique needs. Sphere Security deploys systems that range from a small individual office systems to high level, multi-site enterprise systems that are capable of integrating with multiple technology platforms. Sphere Security Engineers can design, install and monitor your video surveillance system to ensure the protection your business requires 24/7/365.

Access Control

Sphere Security Access Control systems provide high level security access prevention for unauthorized individuals. Sphere Security provides cost-effective, secure, scalable and cutting edge technology solutions to ensure your business is safe.  With a properly designed and installed Access Control System, you are assured that only properly credentialed personnel enter restricted sites or areas 24/7/365.

Intrusion Protection

Sphere Security Intrusion Protection not only protects your cyber network data and information, but we also provide integrated technology solutions that protect your site locations, your physical buildings, and properties. Intrusion systems provide advanced sensor technology and monitoring to protect clients’ people, perimeters, and critical assets 24/7/365.

Sound Masking

Sphere Security Sound Masking technologies are deployed to increase privacy, comfort and safety for our client locations. Integrated masking solutions offer a comfortable blend of speech privacy, paging, overhead music, and noise cancelling technologies with applications across a wide range of industry verticals. Our goal is a safer and more productive environment where privacy not only matters, but is required. Sphere Security’s sound masking technology creates sound space that instantaneously promotes clear and effective communication for individuals and group collaboration.

Smart Technology Integration

Sphere Security Smart Technology Integration utilizes the latest smart technologies for surveillance, access control, intrusion, and sound masking.  The addition of emerging AI and IOT technologies will integrate new smart surveillance technologies that learn from your daily operations to identify site security risks when movements or activities outside of the norm occur, alerting monitoring parties of anomalies in the secured environment at the moment they occur.