Cloud Contingency Planning

Cloud Contingency is an important component of any Disaster Plan or Business Contingency and Continuation Plan.  Software as a Service or SaaS applications in the cloud environment usually do not include failover guarantees or options. It is also 40% more likely that a SaaS provider will go out of business when compared to traditional software providers.  Organizations that trust their operational stability to SaaS providers are likely putting themselves at risk of failure. As a result, a comprehensive plan is required to protect an organization’s cloud resources.

Outside of SaaS planning, organizations that maintain on-premises data centers should also be utilizing a cloud strategy for back-up of data that will allow business information and systems to be quickly restored in the event of a catastrophic failure.  These failures come in many forms including virus and malware attacks, data center server or device failure, theft or destruction, and disasters such as fire, storm, or flood.

By utilizing cloud resources, applications, and appliances for data security and back-up, Sphere creates proactively planned environments for client resources surety.