Blockchain Consulting & Development Services

As a blockchain consulting & development company, Sphere first assists with the selection of the most suitable blockchain platforms for your application, then consults and assists in the development of custom solutions. We consider such factors as your business needs, the purpose of blockchain development, your available network architecture, and budget expectations to determine the right technology to become the core of your blockchain application development.

Blockchain strategy

Sphere assists clients in understanding how blockchain solution development can fit in to your business to allow for determination of feasibility within your budgetary goals.  Our business analysts provide data that will determine whether blockchain is the appropriate technology for your project. We then consult on the requirements of software development, implementation, and sustainable use.

Blockchain Development

The Sphere engineers and consultants first begin the blockchain solution development with the strategic development plan. Once approved by the client, the development team will develop and build out the client solution, test the solution, and deploy the solution.

Blockchain audit

As a part of the development and ongoing management of the blockchain solution, Sphere will assess blockchain architecture and logic, operation, performance, and resistance to network contingencies as part of our blockchain development and management. If your organization has an existing blockchain solution, Sphere can engage to audit the current solution and consult on further development, redevelopment, or address any other deficiencies found in the audit of your architecture.

Blockchain security

As a part of Sphere’s security platform, we can engage to evaluate the security of your blockchain implementation including analysis on how blockchain solutions can make your business operations more secure in general.  We perform security testing to investigate ledger resistance to potentially fraudulent activities. When deficiencies are detected, Sphere reinforce, restore and secure your blockchain solution.

Our blockchain solutions

Sphere blockchain engineers develop industry-specific solutions for data, customer relationships and business process management.  With an integrated approach to development, Sphere’s blockchain development services can develop standalone custom blockchain solutions or blockchain components that integrate in to existing enterprise solutions.  Examples of the solutions that can be developed include:

  • Blockchain for eCommerce
  • Blockchain for Banking and Finance
  • Blockchain for Healthcare
  • Blockchain for eLearning