Cyber Security

As technologies shift, so does the threat landscape.


Sphere Security reduces risk by taking a strategic approach to cyber-security. Whether network infrastructure is on premise, in the cloud, or in multiple locations, it is critical that security is designed to proactively protect client infrastructure, systems, and data from outside threats.  Sphere Security deploys a full range of security technologies including risk management planning and strategy, advanced technologies, and a Security Operations Center to protect your network from end to end and all points in between 24/7/365.

AntiVirus & AntiMalware

Endpoint computers are vulnerable when left unprotected. AntiVirus and AntiMalware protections are the first line of defense to the constant barrage of threats that are pressuring network assets continuously.

Data Leak Protection

Data leakage is the unauthorized transmission of data from within an organization to an external destination or recipient.  Sphere employs a strategic approach to prevention of data leaks to protect sensitive information.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Intrusion detection hardware devices and software applications analyze both inbound and outbound network traffic for abnormal activity.  Sphere proactively monitors client network access points to prevent unwanted intrusions.

Framework Assessments & Design Implementation

Framework assessments and implementations are the backbone of a consistent and standardized cyber-security platform.  Proactive standardization of cyber-security is a cost-effective approach to the protection of critical infrastructure, protecting the economy and security of your business.

Security Operations Center

Managed detection and response continuously watches the environments and acts rapidly to mitigate potential risks, ensuring ongoing protection with the most current security insights and guidance available. The Security Operations Center is a live system of manned stations that operates from different areas of the globe to track regionally specific threats as they evolve to prevent them from reaching your front door.

Compliance Support

Network configuration reporting, coupled with log monitoring and management, provides appropriate security measures to meet industry specific regulatory requirements.  Sphere Security monitors client endpoints, infrastructure, and networks on a 24/7/365 continuous basis.  Threat analysis and mitigation never ends.  Sphere watches over you so that you can rest assured that your business is safe.

Cyber Security Standards

Sphere Security monitors and protects your infrastructure and assets in the cloud and on-premises 24/7/365.  Through the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Sphere Security utilizes the NIST CyberSecurity Framework according to the standards established by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to assure compliance with the most current standards for security.

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  • Working with Sphere Integrated Solutions we have total confidence there is nothing technical we can’t solve with the extra bonus of having a team that can help us make better decisions and move faster.

    Richard S. Technical Director
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