The Sphere Integrated Team

Let Sphere Integrated be your trusted partner.


Sphere Integration Solutions believes every organization should experience technology that promotes or creates growth.  The Sphere executive management team possesses hundreds of years of experience in management, finance, sales, engineering, development, and support.  This experience and a unique value-driven approach to the technology business drives the efficient delivery of superior solutions to every client organization.

The Sphere Integrated Management System is organized utilizing six unique WorkGroups that form a three dimensional organization of connection and collaboration.

  • Corporate WorkGroup The Executive Management of Sphere Integrated is the nucleus of the organization that drives the strategic goals for organizational growth and manages all other WorkGroups under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operations Officer.
  • Administrative WorkGroup The Administrative WorkGroup manages and supports all internal administrative functions of the organization including HR & Benefits, Risk Management, Internal Technology and Information Systems under the direction of Departmental Directors and the Chief Information Officer.
  • Finance & Accounting WorkGroup The Finance & Accounting WorkGroup manages all of the day to day financial operations of the organization according to the priorities set by the Executive Management and under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Procurement & Supply Chain The Procurement & Supply Chain WorkGroup supports all internal and client procurement needs including supplier relationship development and management, partner network management, procurement and contracting, logistics, and last mile management to customer fulfillment under the direction of the Chief Operations Officer.
  • Sales & Marketing WorkGroup The Sales & Marketing WorkGroup is the customer facing organization responsible for customer acquisition and retention and the management of the Sphere Integrated brand under the direction of the Chief Revenue Officer.
  • Technical Operations WorkGroup The Technical Operations WorkGroup, commonly known as TechOps, is the customer facing organization responsible for successful planning, deployment, and management of technology assets within the client base under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer and in conjunction with the Chief Information Officer and the Chief Technology Officer.